Cannabis - Hope for Cancer Patients?

Can Cannabis really help with cancer symptoms? Are there cannabis-based substances that inhibit tumor growth? Is it true that CBD kills tumor cells? Some studies do suggest that cannabinoids may be useful in treating cancer. Doctors and their patients are always searching for alternative treatments…

Cannabis has been known to be a useful therapeutic agent for cancer patients since the 1990s. At that time, a Canadian by the name of Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer. He successfully cured his illness with an oil made from cannabis, which he produced himself. Studies have now confirmed the positive effects of cannabinoids on tumor cells and the immune system. Unfortunately, the possibility of cannabinoid cancer therapy is not well known within the medical community. Which cannabinoids are used for tumor treatment?

Rick Simpson Oil

This is the name of the oil produced from cannabis flowers as developed by Rick-Simpson. Its greatest strength being that it contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids in very high doses. Many patients swear by its effectiveness, which has been confirmed by multiple case studies. But RSO also has many disadvantages. First off, the possession of cannabis plants that contain THC is still prohibited in most countries. Moreover, it is also expensive and difficult to produce.

CBD - cannabidiol

CBD is obtained from industrial hemp which is legal in most countries. It can be smoked or ingested in oil form. In addition to cannabidiol, CBD oils also contain all other types of cannabinoids. Only when using the full spectrum of cannabinoids with the maximum effect be achieved. Because CBD has minimal amounts of THC, it does not have strong, if any, psychoactive effects. Numerous studies confirm that CBD can inhibit tumor growth and slow the spread of cancer. Studies have also shown that cannabidiol destroys cancer cells and shortens their life span, indicating the healing properties of CBD. CBD can also help with sleep disorders, neurological ailments and post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBG - Cannabigerol

Cannabigerol is a recently identified and researched cannabinoid. Studies have shown that it also plays an important role in cannabis-based cancer therapy. CBG is only found in hemp plants in small amounts. Only special breeds, and ones that are properly cultivated, can ensure the production of CBG extracts of 5% potency. Studies have shown that cannabigerol can also inhibit the growth of tumor cells, and thus have positive impacts on cancer treatments. CBG by itself is also not psychoactive as it does not contain any THC. Studies have also shown CBG to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as positive effects on cachexia caused by chemotherapy.

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