Cannabis and coronavirus

Cannabis and Coronavius

The world has been standing still since March, caused by a small corona virus. At cannatrends, we have taken precautions to ensure your safety and to keep our business and office up and running.

But are we in our team thinking about the deeper meaning of this crisis?
Yes, over the past few decades we have had exponential economic and general growth on this planet. This growth got faster, higher, and was not good for our health and nature. And now we stand still to relax, calm down, and remember. This is a good situation to look back, be in the present moment, and rediscover yourself. Now nature also has the opportunity to relax and recover from production and pollution. We think that is the deep meaning of the epidemic.

Our world has changed
As most people return to their daily work, many people will take the opportunity and redefine their purpose in life. The priorities have changed, the economy will be less important than it is today and turning the world into good is the mission of future companies and institutions.

Can cannabis or CBD help us overcome this flu?
If there is one thing that can support and help us through these troubled times, cannabis will. A few decades ago, marijuana was the best medicine ever and was used for a variety of health problems. Studies have shown that cannabis helps cure patients with increasing levels of MRSA bacteria. These pathogens spread through hospitals and cause many deaths. Cannabis also stimulates the immune system due to increased blood flow.
CBD and THC also show great effects on the mind
First, both cannabinoids help you sleep, better sleep means a stronger immune system and less physical stress. Most of us also love the relaxing and happy effects of THC in overcoming the anxiety caused by the virus. THC could also help with loneliness, a result of isolation and quarantine.

Cannabis oder CBD haben also die Kraft, uns zu helfen, diese schweren zeiten zu überwinden, stärker und klarer als zuvor zu sein. Bleiben Sie gesund und sicher und unterstütze Cannatrends - Gesundheit und Natur

Update on 27.07.21/XNUMX/XNUMX - the video on the topic of CBD and coronavirus has been deleted from Youtube!

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