Cannabis and osteopathy in Parkinson's disease

Last week Boris Wakounig, founder of, and his friend Peter met for a conversation among therapists. The topic was of course the power of naturopathy and how you can use it for your health. Scientific studies have long confirmed the effectiveness of natural healing methods such as herbal medicine, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and many more. The two friends talked a lot about the positive effects of CBD and osteopathy on Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's is a disease of old age, nerve cells are slowly lost, which leads to various symptoms. The first symptoms show up early, but are difficult to assign. Only when patients see a doctor about bladder problems and stiff muscles is the disease diagnosed and drug treatment started. At the beginning there are complaints in the sequence of movements, the movement becomes less, the muscles more rigid and the trembling of the hands and legs becomes apparent when at rest. Other complaints such as depression and a disorder of the sense of smell can also occur.

In addition to a good supply of medication, naturopathic treatment can also alleviate the symptoms. According to a clinical study on 22 Parkinson's patients, carried out in Israel in 2011, treatment with cannabis can be quite successful.

For this purpose, the test subjects each smoked a THC-containing joint and were then clinically tested. The tests showed a significant improvement in mobility, motor skills and tremors. This also increased the UPDRSS score, which measures the general well-being in Parkinson's disease. The study also mentions that cannabinoids are well tolerated and that no side effects occurred. We are currently not aware of any studies on Parkinson's disease in which only cannabidiol was administered.

In an interview, Peter explained the nature of osteopathy and how it works with Parkinson's. Similar to herbal medicine, osteopathy is a method that is supposed to stimulate the body's own healing powers. The osteopath uses touch and feel to recognize the tension in muscles, tendons and nerves. With the fascia therapy these are loosened and thus the own healing is stimulated. Studies show that osteopathy can be effective for Parkinson's disease. Because osteopathy improves the neurological and motor skills of the patient. The combination of osteopathy and CBD helps the body cope better with the disease. Many of our customers have therefore opted for the 15% CBD oil .


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