Cannatrends introduces hemp fabric products

Cannatrends introduces hemp fabric products

Did you know – more than 50,000 products can be made from cannabis or hemp.

As a matter of fact, both cannabis and hemp are derived from the same plant, a plant with countless benefits. The global community is still far from maximizing the full potential of this remarkable plant.
However, a select few see the unique opportunity that presents itself. When we at Cannatrends started our online shop, we first introduced products for a healthy lifestyle. Such as CBD oils and flowers, cosmetics and food, as well as vaporizers. Thanks to all of you, who have helped us grow so quickly, we are now able to bring you even more great hemp based products.
In coordination with our new European partner, who founded his company in Nepal, we are now able to start offering products made from hemp fabric. Hemp fabric is produced from the stem of marijuana plants, and has historically been used for several purposes, such as clothes, ropes, and insulation. Here our story begins...
What about making other useful hemp accessories, such as wallets, pouches or backpacks? All natural, and sustainable?

Few companies make hemp fabrics ...

During our extensive search for new business partners, we soon realized that there are only a handful of hemp fabric producers worldwide. The market for hemp based fabric is still very small. Due to the global ban on cannabis, farmers don't have the necessary equipment to harvest marijuana plants - the weaving industry has machines to weave cotton, but not for the much stronger hemp fibers.

Thanks to our market study we were able to find a European producer based in Nepal, and now here it is: a variety of hemp fabric accessories – now available in our online shop!

What are the features of hemp made accessories?

Cannabis has the strongest natural fiber, which makes all the products very durable, longlasting and eco-friendly. Grown by farmers in Nepal, they are organic and sustainable. With your purchase you help to make our planet greener.

The design also fits perfectly into an eco-friendly lifestyle, with natural colors, and all this at affordable prices.

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