Does CBD give hope in Alzheimer's?

Does CBD give hope in Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is a disease related to old age, and it particularly affects people over the age of 65. The disease starts insidiously, with symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, and an inability to carry out everyday tasks. The course of the disease is slow, and eventually it leads to dementia. Patients who suffer from Alzheimer's forget who they are, and at some point, when the illness has progressed, they no longer recognize members of their own family.

There are currently over 7 million people with dementia in Europe, and the numbers are rising. Factors of our daily lifestyle such as stress, poor diet, and toxic agents in the environment increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A healthy diet, physical activity, and a positive mindset on life help prevent dementia from occurring. Now, there is also help from nature.

According to the latest studies, cannabinoids in hemp plants are also said to have a positive influence on Alzheimer's disease. Researchers were able to show that dying nerve cells in the brain can be rescued when the patient is given CBD and THC. The study also found a decrease in the inflammation of brain nerves, and concluded that cannabidiol helps to promote the healing of nerve cells.

In Israel, where cannabis will soon be legalized, cannabis has been proven very effective in the treatment of dementia. For decades, nursing homes have been using cannabis flowers or full-spectrum oils, depending on the indication. Years of results from these retirement homes show what has already been found in numerous studies. Applied together, CBD and THC have a bigger range of effects than if applied separately. This should be highly considered in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Full-spectrum oils that contain THC have an “entourage effect”, thus they can expedite the healing process, according to this theory.

Therefore, we offer certified full-spectrum CBD oils in our online store. Oils that can also be easily used by patients suffering from dementia as well as by their relatives. We recommend using CBD capsules, as they provide a simple and consistent form of dosing. Unfortunately, at cannatrends we are currently unable to offer full-spectrum oils containing THC, as cannabis is still classified as an addictive substance

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