How does CBD help with a corona infection

How does CBD help with a corona infection

With the global appearance of Covid-19, doctors and scientists are looking for ways to treat a corona infection. In the meantime, vaccines have been developed and hospital treatment has been improved, but some suffer from the severe course of the disease. But there is hope, because many naturopathic therapies offer symptom relief without further burdening your health with medication. One of the many alternatives is cannabidiol. Let's look at how CBD can help with corona infection.

Cannabinoids offer a variety of mechanisms of action that have a positive effect on corona. Because the infection is accompanied by a cough and strain on the lungs and this is exactly where CBD helps. The pain-relieving effect of CBD is known, which has been proven several times in studies, because coughing a lot causes pain.
According to a scientific review, high doses of CBD can downregulate the SARS-COV2 receptor. This could mean having an easier course of the infection. Another aspect was also addressed in the comment. This affects the PPARy regulators in our organism. On the one hand, these inhibit the development of pulmonary fibrosis and also improve lung function during convalescence.
A final aspect is the calming, anxiety-relieving and sleep-promoting effects of CBD. Because the fear surrounding Covid-19 leads psychologically to a worsening of the overall symptoms, which can be alleviated by the administration of cannabidiol. At cannatrends, we believe that other cannabinoids also have a positive effect on viral infection. These are currently still part of the research and are currently being investigated.

So if you are afraid of being infected by Corona, have already had the disease or have a weak immune system, cannabinoids could probably help. We are happy to help you with questions about CBD, in our Facebook Group further. Our CBD recommendation for strengthening the immune system 15% CBD.

Source: Pubmed

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