CBD and its effects on the skin
Today’s cannatrends blog post is about our largest organ – the skin. Beautiful skin is a sign of vitality and health. That's why we focus so much energy to its care using things such as baths, masks and creams. When it comes to skin care, many people rely on natural remedies, including creams made from cannabis. Unfortunately, because hemp plants were banned up until recently, a lot of knowledge got lost over the years. According to the latest studies, cannabidiol when added to skin care products has a nourishing and protective qualities. Let us take a closer look...

Cannabidiol oils have become a healthy alternative to artificial treatments. Their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and calming effects on body and mind are becoming more and more well known. According to a study published in 2021 which studied the effects of oxidative stress on skin, CBD was shown to have positive and protective effects. The amazing results have demonstrated that CBD can protect skin cells with the cells absorbing less environmental toxins. Moreover, the results suggest a tendency towards a decrease in inflammation of skin cells – an outcome already proven by numerous previous studies. In order to keep your skin young and healthy it is important for the skin cells to live long. By using CBD, researchers were able to prolong the lifespan of skin cells with the cells dying later than usual. Thus, ointments and creams with CBD seem to be a healthy option for our skin.
All-natural creams are the best choice for a healthy skin. In addition to CBD, natural ointments also contain other nourishing ingredients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, other cannabinoids, oils, and vitamins. Some compounds, e.g. skin balm, are formulated in a way in which they can easily complement any type of skin care regimen. Almost every skin care product can be enriched with cannabinoids, such as face cream, shampoo, cleanser, sun lotion, and many more. Our customers have been very satisfied with our Skin balm for daily use. Our team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about hemp.

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