Joints for your joints – rheumatism and CBD - rheumatism and CBD
CBD is gaining more and more popularity. Cannabidiol is known to have many positive effects on our health. This blog post covers the latest studies on the use of CBD to treat rheumatism. Many people already know about the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The latest studies also give hope that cannabidiol could help with rheumatism...

Rheumatism, or rheumatoid arthritis, is an inflammatory disease of the joints. Around 1% of the population suffers from this disease. In German-speaking countries it affects more than 1 million people. Middle-aged women are particularly affected. There is still uncertainty about the exact cause of the disease, however, experts suggest a connection between bacteria, viruses and your body’s autoimmune response.
Rheumatism begins insidiously with stiff joints in the morning, accompanied by fatigue and fever. Because of the inflammation, the joints are swollen and warm, and you may feel pain even when you are at rest. Over time, the symptoms become more severe, and it gets increasingly difficult to move the affected joints. In extreme cases the entire joint can become deformed and possibly even visibly so. In case your condition deteriorates, the autoimmune disease might also attack other organs such as your heart and lungs, and consequently cause inflammation there.

What do scientific studies suggest about the effects of CBD on rheumatism? Research has shown that cannabinoids, a compound found in the hemp plant, have anti-inflammatory effects. This general effect is very positive and can bring relief to most inflammations. But with rheumatoid arthritis this is a little more difficult because the inflammation is also an autoimmune reaction of the body. Further and more detailed studies have shown that CBD does have a positive effect on rheumatoid arthritis, alleviating inflammation and pain.
This could give hope to the many patients who suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any studies that would have examined the effects of CBD directly on people who were previously diagnosed with rheumatism. After all, a study like that could demonstrate what percentage of participants experienced any relief after using CBD. More studies will be needed, but there is much hope for those suffering from rheumatism.
What we found with our customers at cannatrends is that they prefer a treatment with CBD oils in conjunction with CBD ointment. This way the cannabinoids can work together both internally and topically.

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