When CBD Helps With Nerve Pain ...

Anyone who has already had it knows it, nerve pain or neuralgia. Hardly any pain in the body is as severe as that caused by inflamed or damaged nerves. Rapid and efficient therapy is necessary, but this usually consists of the administration of strong painkillers and opiods. There are now many studies that confirm the effectiveness of cannabinoids in neuropathies. Tene is a natNatural and safe alternative to conventional pain therapy.


The causes of an inflammation of the nerves are very diverse. It is very often triggered by excessive stress, such as, for example, sciatica or, colloquially, lumbago. Anyone who works with their hands a lot and uses their fingers may have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. This, too, is mostly due to mechanical stress on the hand nerves.

In addition to the overloading of nerve tissue, inflammation is the second most common cause of neuralgia. A nerve becomes inflamed when pathogens penetrate the nerve tissue and disrupt its function. Some examples are the shingles, multiple sclerosis and myelitis. Only when nerve tissue dies do we speak of a neuropathy, such as: after a stroke or spinal cord injury.

Many studies have already proven that cannabinoids have an anti-inflammatory effect. This is also confirmed by the latest study from Denmark.

This examined whether the administration of CBD has an effect on neuropathic pain? It was found that taking cannabinoids such as CBD and THC reduced pain. The administration of gabapentin could be reduced in many patients. Hospital stays also fell in the study. In addition, the cannabis-containing drugs were very well tolerated and had no side effects. At cannatrends, we believe this is very good news for all pain sufferers.


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