How DMSO and cannabis complement each other

In the last few weeks I have dealt a lot with DMSO in addition to CBD. For years I have suffered from a skin fungus, which was asked with a lot of naturopathic love to go and still stayed. The search for a cure began with nutrition and now ends with dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a sulfur compound and it has effects similar to CBD. Let's see how the two substances support each other ...


DMSO sounds synthetic, but also occurs naturally in small amounts, for example in cellulose. It is a solvent with many beneficial properties for health. So it is really an all-rounder, resembles the effect of CBD and even supplements it. It is a very good carrier substance because it absorbs substances and transports them. This is how drugs can be dissolved in DMSO. These arrive at their destination more easily and are thus even more effective

DMSO also penetrates the cell membrane, which has many advantages. It also gets to places in the body where other drugs cannot and it can dissolve disturbances in cells and tissues.

These are just the basic properties, because more than 10.000 studies confirm that it can also have a healing effect. Studies show that DMSO has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant effects. It dilates the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Whether on the skin or internally, it has an antibacterial, antiviral effect and relieves any itching. There are many other proven studies on the effects such as tinnitus, asthma, neurodermatitis, ...



If you compare the spectrum of effects with cannabidiol, you can see that many effects are the same. Because CBD also reaches almost all cells via the endocannabinoid system. Similarly, d

he effect on pain and inflammation. Both substances quickly have a soothing effect and are very well tolerated. Cannabis also has a psyc

hical effect that DMSO lacks. THC has an intoxicating effect and CBD has a calming effect.

Because dimethyl sulfoxide is a solvent, you can also dissolve CBD in it and benefit from the effects of both substances. Both substances together have a more extensive effect, because of the differences in effect. They are also stronger because DMSO penetrates the cell membrane and thus brings the cannabinoids to the receptor faster and with less loss. While DMSO is absorbed quickly and completely, cannabinoids are lost along the way and are partially broken down by the liver.


We at are therefore concerned with the question of whether a mixture of CBD and DMSO is more effective? Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence on this, but the idea makes sense to mix the two. There are also no chemical, legal, or pharmacological objections. A self-experiment in our team was successful. Some pioneers in the hemp industry are now extraching hemp with DMSO. The result is a fully natural and non-decarboxylated cannabis extract.

At cannatrends we currently do not offer any CBD-DMSO oil. But you can be CBD Oil simply mix with a few drops of dimethyl sulfoxide and make your own mixture.

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