How does CBD work in shock

How does CBD work in shock

Each of us has experienced it - a situation in which you were deeply shocked. We experience a little shock unexpectedly and very often in life. Most of the time we recover from it quite quickly, because in the end everything went well. But there are experiences in life that go deeper than just a little horror. Several studies on cannabidiol show that CBD could aid trauma treatment and make life easier for so many people.

If we are frightened, we recover from it very quickly. Because a healthy organism processes the situation and then re-establishes the symbiosis. If the psyche does not recover, we speak of shock or trauma. Any situation could cause a shock; very often it is accidents, natural disasters, violence, war and flight that traumatize us deeply. Out of the trauma, traumatized people develop various complaints. This can be fear, reliving the trauma, depression, sleep disorders, irritability and many more. Everyone develops individual complaints, depending on how well they can cope with the shock.
But anyone who becomes ill as a result of trauma suffers from PTSD, the post-traumatic stress syndrome. PTSD occurs particularly frequently in soldiers in the US Army and is a recognized diagnosis for treatment with medical cannabis. In America, PTSD has been successfully treated with cannabis for many years. A study carried out by the state FDA showed a great improvement in symptoms. Further advantages of the treatment with cannabis are also lower costs, less effort for the sick and no side effects.
Other scientific studies on cannabinoids also support the good effect in PTSD, especially the cannabinoids THC and cannabidiol play an important role. In addition to hemp, there are other ways to treat PTSD to alleviate the great suffering. Depending on the symptoms, medications such as sleeping pills or sedatives may be prescribed. Psychologists recommend psychotherapy and group discussions as possible treatments. In alternative medicine, calming herbs, homeopathy, meditation and also CBD are used.

In Europe we are unfortunately not as advanced with medical cannabis as in America. But even here there are more and more people who can no longer cope with the consequences of a very tough world. We at cannatrends therefore offer high quality CBD oils in our online shop. Our Team of experts will be happy to help you with any questions ...



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