Is CBD now becoming illegal?

Is CBD now becoming illegal?

The European Union plans to classify CBD as an addictive substance, as reported by international media. CBD or cannabidiol is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids in the hemp plant, along with THC. More than 2,000 studies have proven the effectiveness of CBD, and there has been a massively growing community of people interested in it. More and more sick people are reaching out for cannabidiol in order to get some relief and help with their conditions, and indeed many seem to be doing very well with CBD treatment.

Cannabis is heavily criminalized and regulated

In addition to the EU states, the EU itself has also issued regulations to prevent the use of cannabis for medicine, food or raw material. Despite uncertainty from so many regulations, development in the CBD market is still continuously growing. Therefore, the EU is now taking new measures, namely classifying CBD as an addictive substance, in order to ban it from the market.

The international trend for CBD and for cannabis as a recreational drug is clearly headed towards legalization. Argentina has just decriminalized cannabis, and Ecuador has removed CBD from the Narcotics Act (as long as it contains less than 1% THC).

From an economic perspective, a CBD ban would be disastrous for thousands of companies and eliminate countless jobs in the EU. Many people are investing in a growing CBD market that is supposed to improve health, freedom and sustainability. If these innovative, creative start-ups fail, this would be a great loss for many people, especially in these uncertain times.

What does a CBD ban mean for our society?

In general, we see a lack of doctors, ailing social systems, and an increase in the use of opiates. If cannabis were to be banned, it would only worsen the situation. Cannabis is the perfect alternative to help mitigate these issues.

However, despite these many problems, the EU continues with its plans to restrict the use of cannabis. Lobbyists have great deal of power, and the welfare of the citizens is many times forgotten. Nevertheless, Cannatrends continues, because we don't believe the European Union will succeed with this proposal. We are convinced that legalization is imminent...

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