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About me:

I am Boris, naturopath and founder of Cannatrends. I was born with very poor eyesight and struggled with my handicap for decades.
When I was still seeing many doctors as a child, I had several eye operations and was given high-diopter glasses. Conventional medicine has made my life easier - I am very grateful for that. But even though I could see a little better, I still had tension, tremors, tiredness and stress in my eyes. This also made me feel overwhelmed, anxious and irritable in general. With these ailments, scientific medicine couldn't really do anything for me, so I continued to suffer in silence ...

Back then, I grew up in the country, which touched me deeply! Living in nature awakened my deep interest in herbs and the principles of creation, which I did not understand at the time. I felt the desire to study natural healing methods, to immerse myself deeply in the so strongly repressed power of nature. In Berlin I learned natural healing methods such as homeopathy, herbal medicine and a lot more. In 2004 I received permission to practice medicine as a non-medical practitioner. But despite all the knowledge, I was still suffering and the healing methods I knew could not really bring me relief.

So the time went by and it was September 2013 when I saw a documentary about the general legalization of cannabis in Colorado, USA. Another argument in favor of legalizing hemp was the neurological effects of cannabis. Maybe that could help me too, I thought to myself? Although I know a lot about various medicinal drugs, I was not aware of the effects of marijuana. Of course, that gave me new ideas, which I tried out immediately ...
While looking for information and therapists on cannabis medicine, I saw that there was a great lack of information and experience on the subject. So I experimented with different cannabis strains, uses, and doses - and I had great success. My handicap improved, the tension, tiredness and stress in my eyes got better, and my general health improved massively. After a long journey of many failures, I found relief in the cannabis plant.

Since that day I have devoted my life to developing cannabis as a medicine. In November 2019 the online shop founded. Our vision is that all people get the most benefit from cannabis.
May my story and cannabis inspire you to find relief through the natural power of this medicinal herb. In our shop you will find healthy and innovative products such as CBD, CBG, hemp seeds and much more ...

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