I am Boris, naturopath and founder of Cannatrends. Born with poor eyesight, I struggled with my eyes for decades. Eventually I found deep relief in cannabis. Because there is a lot of potential in hemp, which we can rediscover and use positively for ourselves. The cannabis plant contains over 100 canabinoids, which have a good effect on our health. This has now been scientifically proven several times. Read my whole too History.

At Cannatrends, we are passionate about cannabis. So we deal with the potential of cannabinoids and other ingredients of the hemp plant. With a network of researchers, therapists and experts, we form a naturopathic cannabis network. We obtain our information from scientific studies and customer experiences. We pass this knowledge on to you in simple form, such as blogs or videos. Cannatrends is financed through the online shop - there you will find certified, organic and natural cannabis products.
cannatrends_vision Our purpose
✔ raise awareness about cannabis.
✔ Search for old, present and future knowledge about cannabis
✔ Share information about innovative, healthy and sustainable ideas made from cannabis
✔ Support for sustainable cannabis development
✔ a world where everyone benefits the most from cannabis ...
✔ best processing of raw materials
✔ high product quality
✔ organic quality
✔ ARGE-CANNA certified
✔ locally produced
✔ vegan
✔ free from animal testing