Grinder for cannabis, three-part, equal thickness


€ 64,90


This grinder of the same thickness is a technically sophisticated grinder with an unusual shape and amazing cutting results.

It combines geometry, long-lasting and fluffy cut.

More about this innovation:
✔ high-precision herb grinder
✔ Cutting plug-in in different colors
✔ Magnets to hold together
✔ Collecting container

✔ convenient storage and dosage of your herbs
✔ durable anodized aluminum approx. 300HV
✔ Precision grinding with long-lasting sharp blades
✔ also grinds hard and wet herbs

✔ laser-engraved logo of the same thickness
✔ comes with cardboard, produced ecologically and regionally

- Same thickness: Ø75mm
- Cutting unit: Ø50mm

Material: anodized aluminum
Made in Austria

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