The "M" vaporizer Edition Starter Kit, Dynavap, vaporizer


Color: yellow
€ 104


Dynavap Vaporizer The "M" 2019 Edition Starter Kit

✔ Stainless steel - medical quality
✔ durable, robust and high quality
✔ cool design and great user experience

✔ Vaporizer only needs a lighter
✔ no electronics - durable and sustainable
✔ no electricity - ideal for outdoor, camping, alternative lifestyle

✔ Temperature display cap
✔ Air connection for gentler vaping
✔ Air channels for cool steam

✔ comes with a transport compartment with a magnet to open the Dynavap cap
✔ Wax, pipe cleaner and bristles
✔ 3 high temperature and 2 capacitor O-rings

✔ Sieve included
✔ Compatible with other Dynavap devices

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